Digital Evidence

Episode 135 | Just Digital Evidence in the Courts of Appeals

In episode three, Just Science interviews Martin Novak, a Computer Scientist with the National Institute of Justice, about digital evidence in the United States Court of Appeals.  Digital evidence has the capacity to identify suspects, win acquittals, and obtain convictions. Whether through cars, smart homes, cell phones, personal computers, or a myriad of other devices, analysts are able to collect a staggering amount of data during the […]


Episode 134 | Just A Public Defender’s Perspective

In episode two, Just Science interviews Nicolas Hughes, assistant public defender with the Harris County Public Defender’s Office in Houston, TX, about the validation of tools utilized by digital forensics laboratories. Many forensic laboratories face overwhelming caseloads; digital forensic labs are no exception. The diversity and complexity of devices that can be used as digital evidence continues to be a dynamic problem. From malware scanners to […]


Episode 133 | Just the Evolution of Digital Evidence

While the realm of digital evidence is still relatively new, it requires validation and testing like all forensic disciplines. Digital evidence is a dynamic discipline that can often provide greater insight into the investigation of a crime or the defense of the alleged perpetrator. In this season of Just Science, we will be covering the […]