Virtual Reality Training Tool

The Center for Forensic Sciences has developed a virtual reality (VR) crime scene investigation (CSI) and sensitive site exploitation (SSE) that has the potential to provide low-cost novel training opportunities to forensic professionals and enlisted personnel involved in evidence collection. The fully immersive world is displayed through the HTC Vive, a commercially available head mount display (HMD) which can be easily procured by any agency interested in reinforcing their current training and certification programs with VR-based solutions. The training tool has three interactive “gameplay” environments, which include a domestic crime scene set in a bedroom, a neighborhood set in the Middle East, and two large corporate setting buildings equipped with office spaces and a large airplane hangar. The solution tool allows instructors to grade and evaluate trainees through user-friendly back-end analytic outputs which can be used to track the progress of individuals. These analytics can then be maintained by agencies for training records and inspections.

While VR training tools exist for tactical decision making and advanced weapon training, the Forensic RTI solution focuses on reinforcing current training of forensic exploitation. We have developed the tool in collaboration with forensic laboratory professionals to supplement traditional crime scene training and improve assessment of trainee performance. We are currently working on adapting the tool for use in educational settings and for commercial use by customers with virtual reality hardware.

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For a preview of our virtual training environments, please see our YouTube video below: