2021 Illicit Substance Use Response

Episode 159 | Just Polysubstance Use and the Importance of Data Trends

In episode ten, Just Science interviews Josh Yohannan, a forensic chemist and expert in emerging drug trends, about polysubstance use in the opioid overdose epidemic.  Polysubstance use dramatically increases the potential for overdose or negative side effects of drug use. While there is no “one-size-fits-all” description of a person who uses drugs, there is one common thread linking them together: the danger they […]

Episode 158 | Just Addressing the Stigma of Substance Abuse Disorder

In episode nine, Just Science interviews Clarence Jordan, the Vice President of Wellness and Recovery at Beacon Health Options, to discuss stigma and its impact to programs designed to support those with substance use disorder and on individual level outcomes. There is no shortage of stigma surrounding the overdose crisis facing our nation. The proliferation of stigma and its impact are constant battles for practitioners and organizations dedicated to combating the problem. Clarence […]

Episode 157 | Just the DEA National Forensic Laboratory Information System

In episode eight, Just Science interviews DeMia Pressley from the DEA’s Diversion Control Division to discuss the importance of information sharing across law enforcement and public health agencies through forensic partnerships.  The National Forensic Laboratory Information System, otherwise known as NFLIS, is a Drug Enforcement Administration program that collects results of forensic analyses and other related information from […]

Episode 156 | Just Building Policy From The Ground Up

In episode seven, Just Science interviews Dr. Alex Kral, an infectious disease epidemiologist at RTI International, about innovative policy solutions to improve outcomes for people with substance use disorder. Community-based research takes place within community settings and involves community members which allows a better understanding of the struggles that each specific population faces. Dr. Alex Kral’s community-based research approaches help to inform drug policy and provides communities the ability to develop innovative strategies to improve […]

Episode 155 | Just Alternative Crisis Response: One Community’s Experience

In episode six, Just Science interviews Tim Black of the White Bird Clinic in Eugene, Oregon about the CAHOOTS program, a community-based public safety model that provides mental health first response for crises involving mental illness, homelessness, and substance use disorder. In 1989, the White Bird Clinic in Eugene, Oregon launched the Crisis Assistance Helping […]

Episode 154 | Just Partnerships To Enhance Overdose Fatality Review

Episode Overview In episode five, Just Science interviews Dr. Mallory O’Brien, Assistant Professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, to discuss how partnerships can enhance Overdose Fatality Reviews.  The National Violent Death Reporting System (NVDRS) is the only state-based reporting system that covers all types of violent deaths, including homicides and suicides. It pools more than 600 unique […]

Episode 153 | Just the Story of the Healthy Grandfamilies Project

Episode Overview In episode four, Just Science sat down with Bonnie Dunn, Co-Director of the West Virginia Healthy Grandfamilies Project, to discuss a free initiative that provides information and resources to grandparents who are raising one or more of their grandchildren.  Children can be deeply impacted if their parent or parents are suffering with substance use disorder, which could ultimately mean […]

Episode 152 | Just The Importance of Identifying Emerging Drug Threats

Episode Overview In episode three, Just Science sat down with Amanda Mohr and Dr. Alex Krotulski from the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education to discuss the analytical and interpretative challenges associated with emerging drug threats.  The Center for Forensic Science Research and Education, otherwise known as the CFSRE, oversees a collaborative effort to better understand emerging drug threats. CFSRE researchers Amanda Mohr and Dr. […]

Episode 151 | Just the Intersection of Opioids and Illicit Stimulants: Part 2

Episode Overview This week, we continue the conversation with Dr. Zibbell as he discusses the American history of drug epidemics, what we can learn from past stimulant crises, and the importance of tailoring interventions in this episode of Just Science.  This season is in collaboration with the Bureau of Justice Assistance Comprehensive Opioid, Stimulant, and Substance Abuse Program funding to respond to illicit […]

Episode 150 | Just the Intersection of Opioids and Illicit Stimulants: Part 1

Episode Overview In the first half of this two-part episode, Just Science sat down with Dr. Jon Zibbell, a Senior Public Health Analyst from RTI International, to discuss the waves of the opioid epidemic and their impact on communities.   The world of medical anthropology offers a very different perspective of the current rise in illicit substance abuse. While much of the research surrounding overdose and drug trends tends to be […]