Episode 162 | Just a Guide to Sexual Assault Response Reform

In episode three of our Sexual Assault Awareness Month mini season, Just Science sat down with Dr. Patricia Melton, co-director of the Bureau of Justice Assistance’s National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative Training and Technical Assistance program, to discuss a new resource that will help criminal justice practitioners support sexual assault response reform. Creating a comprehensive, improved response to sexual assault requires […]

Episode 161 | Just Victim Advocacy During a Pandemic

In episode two of our Sexual Assault Awareness Month mini season, Just Science sat down with Marya Simmons, founder and CEO of Shift in Notion Consulting, to discuss victim advocacy during a pandemic.     The arena of sexual assault response reform has seen a shift toward victim-centered approaches over the last several years. At Shift in Notion Consulting, Marya Simmons is […]

Episode 160 | Just a Survivor’s Perspective and Reflection

In episode one of our 2021 Sexual Assault Awareness Month mini season, Just Science sat down with author, non-profit founder, and sexual assault survivor Natasha Alexenko to discuss her book, A Survivor’s Journey, and the importance of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every survivor of sexual assault has their own story. Some have experienced successful case resolutions and others have not, but all […]