Understanding Work-Related Stress Among Medicolegal Death Professionals: A National Survey


Medicolegal death investigators (MDIs) experience highly stressful and emotional situations daily with what they see, hear, and document. The duties of an MDI dictate that they investigate death scenes, examine and take pictures of the deceased, collect relevant samples and evidence, interview family members, friends, and bystanders, prepare initial reports, and deliver information and personal effects to families, among many other tasks.

Funded by the National Institute of Justice, this national survey aims to increase knowledge about work-related stress, stress management, and overall mental health and well-being across individuals working in the field of Medicolegal Death Investigations. This is the first survey of its kind to examine the breadth and frequency of exposure to stressful and traumatic events, and outcomes in this workforce. 

The critical information collected will result in a comprehensive data set that will be used to inform Medicolegal Death Investigators (MDIs) and their employing organization of how to better understand and support health and wellness, improve organizational outcomes and personal wellbeing, and inform future programs and preventative training to reduce and alleviate work-related stressors.

Survey Results Progress Graphics

The graphics are updated every 2 weeks with the most recent data. You can use the arrows to click through the graphics. Check back in to see the progress of the survey.

Learn more about the survey below and hear a message from John Fudenberg.


This national survey was launched April 2021 and will remain open until July 2021. Participation is voluntary and should take about 15-20 minutes.


International Association of Coroner’s and Medical Examiner’s (IAC&ME)

American Board of Medicolegal Death investigators (ABMDI)


A Video Message from John Fudenberg


This survey effort is part of a project led by RTI International titled, Understanding Work-Related Stress among Medicolegal Death Professionals: A National Survey, and is funded by the National Institute of Justice.