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Episode 132 | Just Applied Leadership for Resiliency in CSIs

In this special release episode of Just Science, we sat down with Ashley Church and Erin West, founders of Gap Science, to discuss stress and resiliency in crime scene investigators. 

Traumatic death investigation can have adverse, long-term effects on crime scene analysts.  As Ashley Church and Erin West moved through their respective careers, they noticed a lack of training around protecting the psychological well-being of forensic scientists. Gap Science is working to fill this void in knowledge and address the challenges that investigators are experiencing every day. Listen along as our guests discuss compassion fatiguethe supervisor’s role in protecting their people, and the impact of violent crime scenes on forensic scientists in this episode of Just Science.

2020 NIJ R&D

The 2020 NIJ R&D Season of Just Science features some of the research presented at the National Institute of Justice’s Forensic Science Research and Development Symposium. Some of the interviews in this season were recorded at the 2020 AAFS 72nd Annual Scientific Meeting in Anaheim, CA, a professional meeting where attendees work to advance science, foster research, and promote collaboration within the various forensic science disciplines. This season’s topics include the analysis of fentanyl compounds in emerging drugs, a tool for species identification of skeletal remains, methods for analyzing beverages for cannabinoids, the detection of firearm discharge via electrochemical sensors, and more. Tune in this spring to learn more about NIJ’s diverse research portfolio!

Just COVID-19: The Impact to Supporting Victims of Sexual Assault

This week on Just Science, we are publishing a special release episode in honor of Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Social distancing, shelter in place, and other responses to COVID-19 can create a stressful environment for survivors of sexual assault especially if they feel they cannot access resources or are physically unable to seek help. In addition, highly stressful situations that result from significant amounts of change, such as unemployment, disruption in ‘normal’ activities, and social isolation may increase the risk of domestic violence and sexual assault. In this podcast, we will discuss what services are available to survivors of sexual assault, including leveraging on-line platforms and modified strategies for first responders, rape crisis centers, and victim advocates. We will also discuss how we as a friend, family member, and community can be prepared to respond to a victim of sexual assault in this challenging time.

Listen to last year’s Sexual Assault Awareness Month episode “Just the Evolution of Sexualt Assault Evidence Collection” with guest Dr. Pat Speck by clicking here.

If you or someone you know is need of emotional support, advice, or crisis intervention please contact the National Sexual Assault Hotline at 800.656.HOPE (4673), or visit, www.rainn.org, the rape, abuse and incest national network, for advocacy support online.